Some of our Friends


We are Friendly

We at Carolina Builder Services have found a selection of tried and true Builders, Vendors, Developers, Architects, Business Organizations, and Sub-Contractors that we work closely with (or would certainly recommend) to achieve the quality that we insist upon. As a result we would like to publicly share them with you, our customers, clients, and friends. Please take some time to view their websites and products to further understand their services and products.


The Montgomery Company

Frank is a friend and his company a fellow partner with Carolina Builder in the construction business.  Trust and good relationships take time to develop.  It's good to have Frank's industry knowledge and marketing abilities as a business asset.



The Sanctuary Village is a Traditional Neighborhood Development designed from the vision of Tim Ryan, located here in Franklin, NC.  Its design creates a mixed-use community blocks away from historical Main St.  There are a myriad of architect-designed housing sizes and designs ranging from single-family home to a mansion flat with an elevator. All designed with high energy efficiency and low maintenance costs by Allison Ramsey Architects. Tim Ryan has asked me to provide my building expertise and planning capabilities in order to get it done right.


The Featherstone Development is owned and developed by Bill Vernon a Nationally Known Sculptor that began several years ago to "sculpt" home sites and communities in the Great Smoky Mountains. Twelve years ago Bill Vernon and I began a remarkable relationship that began when a client of Goshen selected land in Featherstone and chose us to carry their project home to completion.  Since that time that same client has built another Timber Frame in Featherstone, and once again we were asked to transform the rustic timber frame into a beautiful masterpiece that values at $1.1 million.


Allison Ramsey Architects

Allison Ramsey is a Talented Architectural Firm with a home base in Asheville, NC known for Traditionally inspired home plans. Their portfolio includes small scale projects such as designing a 1,000 square foot custom home to acting as lead designer for traditional neighborhoods around the country.  Allison Ramsey is working intimately with Tim Ryan designer of The Sanctuary Communities and myself in creating The Sanctuary Village, a traditional neighborhood development in Franklin, NC.

Business Organizations

We believe that relationships are a vital part of everyone's life, and a company should be no different. We are connected to our community in a variety of ways that include the support of our local businesses, membership in the local Chamber of Commerce, and the Better Business Bureau.  Whether it is down home conversations with an officer at United Community Bank, walking into Macon Printing for a print job, or talking with a realtor about an existing home, I am committed to represent my company on a one-on-one basis to everyone that I come in contact with.