Even though the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, you still need a map to keep you going the right direction.

Where we start

The Land

If you are building from the ground up, finding the right piece of land is definitely the first step. Carolina Builder can offer a 'builder's eye view' of your lot, or perspective lot, and since we've been here a while, we can even point you toward a good development or realtor (if you are still in the market).... From Franklin to Highlands, Cashiers to Asheville, Georgia to North Carolina!

Blue Prints

So what about plans?  There are many companies who offer standard floor plans and try to create signature designs (and there are many who do a good job...don't get me wrong).  But our approach is a bit different.  The fact is, if you can picture what you want, we can make it real... and if you are not sure, we'll design it for you!  Whether it's a conventional house design, log cabin, Timber frame, cabinet design, or renovation, we use "Chief Architect" design software and a good old- fashioned pencil.  This gives us the tremendous advantage of three dimensional project drawings, and easy plan modification with a hand drawn feel.

The Estimate

This is the big one!  A significant project is often like an investment.  If you plan to invest your hard earned savings, you would surely want to account for every dollar!  That's why we prefer to estimate every stick and nail and typically shy away from the usual "square foot" method.  Even though some projects can be similar, we rarely see two exactly the same.

What good is a road map if it doesn't take you where you want to go? We have spent gobs of time collaborating material data bases, and storing project data to provide estimates that are precise, reliably realistic and unique to each project.  And when we are done, you have a complete labor & material budget plan, complete with a bar chart schedule which can be tracked as the project progresses! (If you like that sort of thing.)

This detail estimating capability is what sets Carolina Builder apart from other companies. We have found that the more detail done up front, the more successful the project is.  It also  provides an excellent management tool for project monitoring and for the crews to perform against.

So even if you're not sure how it's all going to work out yet, we'd love to prepare a free estimate for you to help it along.  We use comprehensive UDA estimation and project tracking software coupled with "Quick books" accounting software, so there's nothing we can't budget!